Sunday, January 15, 2012

In our quest for current talent with respect to singing groups, we ran across three wonderful girls from England. They call themselved THE THREE BELLES. They are ike the reincarnation of the great Andrews Sisters. They make no bones about it. They are the new Andrews Sisters. I spoke to Anneka Wass, the group leader on the phone while they were traveling by car to a singing gig and learned of their sincere singing tributes to the Andrews girls. The Three Belles  even sing the very tunes that made the Andrews girls world-famous and still the biggest record selling singers of all time. Some of their tunes were "Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar," "Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree," " The Boogie, Woogie, Bugle Boy of Company 'B'." and many other great Andrews Sisters songs.

The Three Belles are very young, Anneka (Betty) is 22, Gail (Sally) who is 21 and Dorothy ( Isabelle), "Who is also 21 and sings aout love and scolds the others when we get carried away," she says.

The girls got started in college as part of their project for their Creative and Performing Arts Course.

They are booked into 2012 and will attend and perform at the commemoration of "D" Day Landings in Normandy this Summer.

The girls are a feature alongside the Andrews Sisters story in my new book "Perfect Harmony," due out by April 2012 and celebrates the singing groups from the 1920' to the present. If you like  singing groups you'll love this book.

Patty Andrews has written the foreword for this book and is excited about the entry of The Three Belles, who will coninue the Andrews Sisters legacy. Patty Andrews and I have been friends since 1982 when I wrote press releases for her when she was performing solo in California with the Tex Beneke Orchestra and other musical venues.

Patty will be 94 in February. Hope she likes the bouquet if flowers me and my wife Madeline will send her.

Welcome to America Three Belles. We'll be listening!!!