Friday, October 28, 2011

Goodbye Beryl

I received word from Melinda Moore that her mom, known to the world of entertainment and song,  passed away today. peacefully and without pain. Beryl Davis sang with her father's band in England, and later with Glenn Miller's Army Air Force Band before his fatal trip to France in 1944.  Beryl came to America and hooked up with Frank Sinatra,  singing with him shoulder to shoulder on the radio show Your Hit Parade. Later, Beryl, my friend Connie Haines, Jane Russell ( who helped me with Bob Hope's book), Rhonda Fleming formed a quartet and sang Bible songs ( Included "Do, Lord") from coast to coast on every important radio show of the time. ( Andy Russell's wife Della, also sang with this group when they first started). They sang on Ed Sullivan's show, Abbott & Costello's show, Bob Hope's show, Red Skelton's, Milton Berle's and even Arthur Murray's show. Beryl Davis appeared many times in my books and deservedly so. I lost track of her after her husband passed away, and her friend Connie Haines passed, but we reunited together a few years ago.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Comments on my books

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Richard Grudens GMMY WEB PAGE
Honorary President

Richard Grudens: The Author Of Integrity, Honesty, Sincereness
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About Richard Grudens' Background
 Richard Grudens worked his way up from a studio page at NBC’s studio in New York to writing for the news shows of H.V. Kaltenborn, John Cameron Swayze, News of the World, and the “Today” show. Feature writing for Long Island P.M. Magazine led him to his first book “The Best Damn Trumpet Player - Memories of the Big Band Era. He has written countless magazine articles on such diverse subjects as industrialist Henry Ford, VE Day, Motorcycle Helmet Safety, DNA history and many other interesting subjects. Some of his credits include: - Wild West Magazine: Interview with legendary cowboy star Gene Autry (1995); - California Highway Patrol Magazine, a treatise on The Beach Boys; - World War II Magazine: Cover Story about Bob Hope’s famous USO tours; - Many articles on Bing Crosby and Bob Hope and much more. Richard and wife Madeline enjoy life on Long Island and look forward to bringing you many more books on the Big Band era and beyond. 

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P.O. Box 344, Stony Brook, NY, 11790
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The Voice Of The People
 Hudson Daily Sun Columnist: Rosemary Rimkus 
   Thanks to all...Vic and I are really enjoying the book (it is from our era, of course)
Rosemary Rimkus From Hudson, Massachusetts

Alan Brown on Richard Grudens
    Isn't it strange that although you have never met someone you know that they are a decent person. I soon realized this when i discovered Richard Grudens book "STARDUST" a book which has to be a bible for everyone who likes good music. As soon as i asked a favour of the man he responded straight away.Richard Grudens a man who's books are at the top of their class, a man who's books will always be around to inform people what good music and artists are about.
Richard Grudens says it,  Frankie Dee plays it
What a team,  Alan Brown From England ... 6/9/10

Mario Lanza Author Bob Dolfi Praises Richard Grudens
   Being somewhat of an author although not in Richard Gruden;s class, I do know what to look for in a book.  Sometimes it's not what you say as much as how you say it and Richard portrays this teaching very well in his books.   It is so refreshing to read about a personality without having to sort through all the lies, innuendoes and smut before getting to the man himself. I commend Richard for being true to his subject as well as himself and it shows.  Well done Richard
Bob Dolfi / Damon Lanza
Lanza Legend Newsletter
PO Box 6742
San Pedro, Ca. 90732

"An exceptionally gifted author"
We have read several of Richard  Grudens' books,  and have enjoyed every one. Richard is not only a true Gentleman, but an exceptionally gifted author.  Perhaps what makes Richards books so different to so many other authors is that his aim and purpose is to share his knowledge of an artist's talent only, and not of their failings or weaknesses.   They are simply an enjoyable read  and we have learned a great  deal from Richards books, and are really looking forward to reading  "Sinatra Singing" 
                                                 Lena & Harry  Smith From England ... 6/9/10

"Our Favorite Author"
  It's funny how our taste in music and authors melt into one...Great music to  hear and a wonderful author to read...W e have had the pleasure of reading Richard's earlier books and always use them for a reference...We are fortunate to turn on a stereo and hear our favorate singers...Now all we have to do is open a cabinet and refer to a book by our favorite author....
Dick & Shirley Finnell/Gmmy Radio Hosts; Penn. ... 6/9/10

Grudens is  one of the best possible tutors
Ever since reading Richard Grudens’ “Stardust,” I realized what an amazingly talented writer he is. He finds a way to put you directly into the story and life of each of the myriad of performers he highlighted in the book. For people like me, who believe they were born too late to have seen some of these performers in their heyday, and who nevertheless are true fans of music and performers from the “Golden Age Of Music,” Grudens is  one of the best possible tutors about those wonderful days. A wordsmith with a propensity for painting the most musically gifted pictures with his words. And the prolific Richard continues with yet another soon to be classic: “Sinatra Singing.” You can rest assured, this will more than likely turn out to be THE definitive tome on the artist ever written, since Grudens heavily, and accurately, researches his work, and interviews so many of the people who either were there, or were an integral part of Sinatra’s career in one way or another. Here’s to a man who has done, and will continue to do much to celebrate, as many true fans do, the finest stars and music from the Great American Songbook.
Best regards, as always,
Frank Sinclair/Gmmy Radio Host; Arizona ... 6/9/10

Your The Best
I have had the pleasure to have read Richard Grudens’ book “STARDUST”. What incredible knowledge of musicians and their contributions. Your the best.
Richard Grudens, I thank you for your genius of presentation
Ruth Garnier ... Irvine, Ca. ... 6/10/10

New Englands Radio Host/Ron Della Chiesa
Those of us who enjoy "Music Not Noise" can be thankful for a writer like Richard Grudens.
His many books on Jazz, Popular Singers, and the Big Band Era are essential to the library of anyone interested in our countries great musical heritage.  I greatly admire the time and research he puts into all his publications and the love of his subject matter.I'm sure Richard feels the same way about what he does as I do about my life in radio...."Nice Work If You Can Get It."
Continued success to a true gentleman and dear friend.Thanks Frankie...It's a pleasure to be a part of your radio team.
"The Best is Yet to Come.!""
Ron Della Chiesa 
Boston, Ma. ... 6/12/10

Author Richard Grudens Come Once In A Life Time
In visiting Richard Grudens' "Celebrity Profiles" website, it was indeed a pleasure to know there are superb authors such as Mr. Grudens.  If I may quote you Frankie in your promotions;  "Richard Grudens;  goes all out to keep the entertainers of good music alive in his books."   Not too many Authors today stay the coarse of writing about the biographies of entertainers, without adding garbage.  The Mr. Grudens authors such as he come once in a life time.  And again thanks for the heads-up to "Celebrity Profiles" web site.
Joe Leonardo
Newport Beach, Ca. ... 6/12/10

Grudens' Sincere Dedication
Actually one should not judge an author when - like me- not being familiar with his work. But I read the things that my "previous speakers" did say here about Richard Grudens and that's very meaningful. I noticed that they are unanimously full of praise for him since he stands out due his integrity, the love of truth, his accuracy in ressearching and absolute honesty. That speaks for itself and shows Grudens's sincere dedication to and his respect for the artist he portrays in his biographies. How great to see that there's an author who is able to go without any sensationalism, "know it better" and superficiality, and instead does enthral and entertain his readers by completely focusing on a musician's artistic talent and life's work. For sure a truly gifted author. The very best always to Richard Grudens and thanks to Frank E. Dee for always keeping us informed on the LanzaLegend forum about all the "good people" and the good music.
Stefanie Walzinger from Germany, 
poster on the forum ... 6/12/10

Cristina Fontanelli Salutes Author Richard Grudens
It's difficult for me to put into words as eloquently as Richard Grudens does, how much I enjoy being interviewed by this wonderful author.  He is full of integrity which his books clearly reflect.  But, more than that, being an artist myself, I truly appreciate the wealth of knowledge of music and the great singers that this man possesses.  I think his "angle" on Sinatra is much more valuable than any simple biography could ever be.  When I was searching seriously for my vocal technique and wanted an understanding of the life of an artist, I wish I had had a Richard Grudens book to guide me along my path.  I strongly suggest that any singer/musician who is serious about their art should read his books.
Popular Soprano Cristina Fontanelli

Lee Hale-Dino's best friend

My wife Madeline and I have been working on Lee Hale's book and its almost complete. Madeline designed the cover and formatted it and I edited and set it up for presentation, then published it. Lee was musical director on Dean Martin's  TV show for the entire nine years it was on the air. He was a stand -in for Dean and handled the rehearsals and wrote songs and composed skits and directed the Goldiggers dancers on the show. The book tells his own bio first and then all about his experiences on the show. Everyone loved Dean and everyone loved Lee. There are testimonials from many stars from Frank Sinatra,Jr. to Michael Feinstein. South Pacific star Mitzi Gaynor wrote a loving foreword. It should be out in December 2011-Richard Grudens Presents Lee Hale- check it out on Amazon this Christmas. You will love the stories and anecdotes on most of America's  film and television stars from Carol Burnett to John Wayne to Orson Welles to Frank Sinatra to Dom DeLuise.

Perfect Harmony-a new book

My new book, Perfect Harmony is due out by Christmas, I hope. Everyone is in it. That is, every singing group with our kind of music, Check out this table of contents. I even found three girls who sing and dress and perform like the Andrews Sisters perfectly and have included The Three Belles from London, England in the book next to Patty,Maxine and LaVerne.
Foreword - by Patty Andrews
Opening Set - by Richard Grudens
A View From England- by Alan Brown
Memories of Harmony Days - by Frankie Dee,GMMY Radio
Harmony- A Lesson from Professor Grudzinski , Berklee Music School, Boston

The Rhythm Boys

The Mills Brothers

Andrews Sisters 

The Three Belles a/l/oAndrews

The  Brox Sisters

Ink Spots 

Pied Pipers 


King Sisters 

McGuire Sisters

The Four Freshmen 


The Gumm Sisters

De Castro Sisters 

Clooney Sisters

Lennon Sisters  


Puppini Sisters

Connie Haines & Four Gospel Girls 

Ames Brothers 

Four Aces  

Four Lads 

Sons of the Pioneers 

Kingston Trio


The Letterman

The (Andy) Williams Brothers 

Lambert, Henricks & Ross - 

Six Hits and a Miss 
Manhattan Transfer

The Manhattans- open


Astaire & Rogers

Crosby & Hope 

Rooney & Garland

Jackie & Roy

Mary Kaye Trio
Delta Rhythm Boys
Three Suns
Anita KerrSingers
Kirby Stone Four
Four Preps
Crew Cuts
The Osmond Brothers
Deep River Boys
Four Knights
Billy Williams Quartet
Dinning Sisters
Fontane Sisters
The Moon Maids
Stafford Sisters
Clark Sisters
DeJohn Sisters
Barry Sisters
Paulette Sisters
Merry Macs


The Beach Boys

The Supremes - OPEN


Peter, Paul & Mary 

Mama’s & the Papa’s  

The Temptations 

The Platters 

The Drifters - OPEN

The Hoosier Hotshots


Voices from Europe- Max Wirz


Author’s Acknowledgement



Warner bros. kid star gone.

Sybil Jason died last month. We had been friends and penpals for a few years, always contributing to each others books and writing reviews on amazon, She was a fine star who sang with Al Jolson in the Singing Kid and co-starred with Shirley Temple as Becky in the Little Princess and was the top star in a number of films including The  Little Big Shot andThe Great O'Malley with Humphrey Bogart and Pat O'Brien-she got top billing over those two great stars. Read her book My Fifteen Minutes and enjoy her life's work in the movies. I shall miss her kindness and blessings,