Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Sinatra Book is out! It's called Sinatra Singing

I am happy to say that I finally produced a book about America’s greatest singer FRANK SINATRA. This book is special in that it’s strictly about singing and singers: Sinatra Singing.
For this book I called upon a wide variety of artists who were asked to explain how they sing, how they practice their craft, especially before a recording session or in preparation for a live concert, and if they learned anything from Sinatra by listening or studying him.  Did Sinatra inspire them? If so, they tell us about it.
You will find lots of things not included in this book. Things that are usually part of most Sinatra books: The Rat Pack, Ava Gardner and his other wives and friends,  the angst and trouble that filled some of Sinatra’s life.
This is a book about  SINATRA SINGING. Inside you will meet his arrangers, conductors, musicians, the songwriters, the songs, technical notes on bel canto, breathing, vocal cord problems, conquering stage fright, song polls taken over the years, singing instruction, the albums, and more.
This is the Sinatra book that is indeed different, and that clears away all the dust and let’s you in on the important aspects of Sinatra’s singing career.  You will love the great selection of  250 photos. Many are rare. 
Thanks, once again, and hope you enjoy Sinatra Singing